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DR. SUSANNE GORKA - Dr. Susanne Gorka has over 25 years experience, treating patients of all ages and health conditions. Her personal and caring approach as well as her commitment to them, ensures that her patients get the help they need in a cheerful, caring and effective manner.

Dr. Gorka graduated with honours from the internationally respected Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1986. Previous to that she attended the University of Guelph for Human Kinetics. Some of the recent post-graduate professional development seminar topics she has attended include; motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, arthritis treatment, specific chiropractic techniques, and disc herniation rehabilitation.

Dr. Gorka came to Ottawa in 1986 and worked with an older chiropractor downtown. She then opened the Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic in 1988 with her husband, Dr. Normand Fortin. Always actively involved in a variety of sports, she continues to participate and encourage others.

Dr. Gorka’s Clinic Hours:

Monday 2pm - 7:15pm
Tuesday 8am - 12:30pm
Wednesday 2pm - 7:15pm
Thursday 2pm - 7:15pm
Friday 8am - 12:30pm

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DR. MARY KAHARA - Dr. Mary Kahara has been a chiropractor since 1998. She spent two years practicing chiropractic in Malaysia before coming to Ottawa. After working for 5 years in Nepean, Dr. Kahara joined the Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic in 2005. Her caring and gentle approach has helped hundreds of patients feel better.

Dr. Kahara graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1998 with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a B.Sc. in Human Biology. She also attended Laurentian University in Sudbury. She has post-graduate certification in acupuncture with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute and in Kinesio-taping. She regularly attends continuing education seminars on a wide variety of subjects.

Dr. Kahara was an anatomy instructor at Kine-Concept Ontario massage therapy school from 2002-2004. She then participated in a Ministry of Health funded research project to integrate chiropractic into a multidisciplinary health team from 2004-2006. She continues to work at that clinic part-time. Dr. Kahara was a competitive gymnast and continues to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Dr. Kahara’s Clinic Hours:

Monday 2pm - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 12:00pm
Wednesday 2pm - 5pm
Friday 2pm - 5pm

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DR. DOUGLAS CREASER - Dr. Douglas Creaser has been a chiropractor since 2000. He spent 5 years working in Toronto at a Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic before returning to Ottawa. With extensive experience in the health and fitness fields, Dr. Creaser has tested, trained and treated patients from the general public through to high performance professional athletes.

Dr. Creaser graduated with honours from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2000. In 1992 he graduated Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa in Kinesiology. His commitment to professional development led him to become a certified acupuncture technician and a certified Active Release Techniques provider. He also achieved advanced level training in custom orthotic prescription.

As a previous competitive soccer player, Dr. Creaser competed at the National championships in Club Level Soccer, and continues to maintain an active lifestyle.

Dr. Creaser’s Clinic Hours:

Monday 8am - 12:30pm
Tuesday 2pm - 7pm
Wednesday 8am - 12:30pm
Thursday 8am - 12:30pm
  2pm - 7pm
Friday 2pm - 6pm
Saturday 8:30 -11:30am

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DR. ERIKA CASTONGUAY - Dr. Erika Castonguay completed an honours biology degree at the University of Western Ontario (2006). This prepared her for an intensive four-year program at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto (2010) from which she graduated with honours.

While growing up, Dr. Castonguay lived in Montreal, Ottawa, and many southern Ontario cities, but was eager to return to Ottawa to practice Chiropractic as she considers Ottawa home.

In her clinical practice, Dr. Castonguay is able to offer medical acupuncture, Graston technique, soft tissue techniques, mobilizations, adjustments, joint taping, stretching, as well as other tools and procedures to provide comprehensive and individualized therapies.

She enjoys working with athletes to help them get back into game shape, and also finds treating seniors rewarding when helping them to overcome physical challenges. In addition, she worked with children with developmental disabilities for many years as a ski instructor in London, Ontario and as a chiropractor at the Mukibaum school in Toronto. She strongly believes chiropractic therapies improve quality of life, and optimize the individual's well-being.

Consistent with the philosophy of the Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Castonguay provides a personal and caring approach to treating her patients.
Dr. Castonguay's Clinic Hours:

Monday 8am - 12:30pm
  5pm - 7:15pm
Tuesday 2pm - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 12:30pm
  5pm - 7pm
Thursday 2pm - 7:15pm
Friday 8am - 12:30pm

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ANITA MORIARTY, RMT. - Anita has been working as a licensed Registered Massage Therapist at the Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic since 1998. She is well loved by her patients for both her “magic” hands and her calm soothing presence.

Anita graduated from Sir Sanford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology in 1998. She is trained in Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Trigger Point therapy, deep tissue work, hydrotherapy, and remedial exercise planning. She is comfortable doing either therapeutic or relaxation type massage.

Anita is very experienced and effective when working with repetitive strain injuries, back and neck injuries, sports related injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, and chronic pain conditions. She can massage babies, pregnant women and the aged as well as provide general stress management massages for those who need it!

Anita Moriarty’s Clinic Hours:

Monday 1pm - 6pm
Tuesday 1pm - 6pm
Wednesday  8am - 11:30am
   1pm - 5pm
Thursday 1pm - 6pm
Friday  8am - 11:30am
   1pm - 4pm

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Monday 8am - 12:30
  2pm - 7:15pm
Tuesday 8am - 12:30
  2pm - 7:15pm
Wednesday 8am - 12:30
  2pm - 7:15pm
Thursday 8am - 12:30
  2pm - 7:15pm
Friday 8am - 12:30
  2pm - 6:00pm
Saturday 8:30 -11:30am


Our clinic is located on the second floor (elevator access) of the small plaza with Harveys, on the North-West corner of Bank Street and Hunt Club Road.

Bus routes passing our clinic include the #1, #98, #114, and the #143. You can also take the O-train or #97 to the Greenboro station and then walk 5 minutes south.

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By mail: Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic
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