Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic

204-2430 Bank St.
at Hunt Club Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5J9

Phone: (613) 738-1882

Ottawa South Chiropractic Clinic

We use a multi-therapeutic approach geared to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. We then work with you to help you stay well. Our approach is specific to your health concerns and can include any of the following;

chiropractic care                           ART(Active Release Techniques)
registered massage therapy         Exercise
acupuncture         Custom made foot orthotics
physical therapy modalities "Individualized" Exercises


1. Over twenty years experience. Thousands of patients have chosen us and have been so pleased with their care, that they send us their friends and family members too! Even after trying different or more convenient clinics, people specifically return to our clinic because of our outstanding service!

2. Emergency new patients can usually be seen very promptly. (Same or next day service)

3. Minimal wait times for your treatment because we respect your time.

4. The doctors take the time to explain your problem so you understand fully.

5. The doctors choose individual, holistic treatment regimes for you that are comfortable, effective, and have minimal risk involved. (see Services)

6. Convenient clinic hours. We are open from early morning to after supper, Monday to Friday and Saturday Morning.

7. The atmosphere at our clinic is friendly, warm, caring and relaxed.

8. Private rooms. You can speak with the doctors in confidence, without other people listening.

9. Our staff is friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and happy to provide the best service possible.

10. Spinal imaging (xray facilities) on site so you can get answers quickly and conveniently.

11. Physical therapy machines (such as ultrasound etc.) on site so you don't have to go to two different places to get the care you need.

12. Our assistants use a Vibrotoner (massaging device) on your back before your treatment so you are more relaxed to receive your adjustment. It also helps promote blood circulation and healing.

13. No long term contracts. You decide how long you want to benefit from our care with a "fee for service" payment plan.

14. Convenient location with free parking.

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